Classic +

This is an account meant for the beginner or novice investor or trader. The Classic + account is ideal to test the waters before upgrading volume and frequency of action. The account offers 2 trading platforms (DIET ODIN & Online Trading Account), basic research reports and the standard brokerage rates.

A comparison between the Classic + and Trader + plan is provided below:

Offerings Classic1200   Offerings Classic1200   Brokerage Classic1200
Daily Market Outlook Y Online trading platform- High Speed Operation ( Y Intraday Brokerage (Cash Segment) % 0.05
New FY budget picks and upcoming sectors Y DIET Trading Terminal Y Delivery Brokerage (Cash Segment) % 0.5
Event Based Stock Selection (Diwali, Monsoon Stock Picks, GST picks) Y Fully responsive trading softwarte for Phone and Tablets ( Y Brokerage for Future Contracts % 0.05
Techno-Funda (positional- timeline 6-12months) Y Charts viewable on Mobile and Tablets Y Brokerage on Options  in INR 50
Corporate Earning Report Y Online IPO Y
IPO Report Y Online Mutual Funds Y
Value Added Reports Classic1200 NPS Account Y
Portfolio Evaluation and Restructuring Quarterly N Online transfer of funds through multiple banks Y
Monthly Portfolio N Online IPO Y
Interest Rate Analysis N
Commodity Overview Report (Quarterly) N
Comprehensive Financial Planning Report N
Bottom-up Stock Selection Fundamental Reports N
Mutual Fund Report N
Debt Report N