The Investor+ account is structured in a manner to meet the requirements of the seasoned traders. Elite’s highly experienced team of research analyst guide you through all the investments that you want to make in the equity segment.

The research team provides the subscriber with our quarterly service of “Evaluation and Restructuring of Portfolio”. (To know more and to view sample pls click here). Moreover new investment opportunities across all market caps are also presented to the investors through reports such as the Monthly Portfolio (View Report) & Techno-Funda (View Report).

We also provide the subscribers with event based reports ((View Report)). For instance, events such as the BREXIT or the GST roll-out have an impact on certain sectors and stocks in particular. The investors are provided with timely alerts on their portfolio and also suggested newer invested opportunities.

The Annual Budget Analysis (View Report) is a one of a kind easy to understand report that summarizes the key highlights of the annual budget along with presenting the investors with the Budget Portfolio.
A brief overview of the Classic 1200 plan is provided below:

A brief overview of the Classic 1200 plan is provided below:

Research Reports Investor + Offerings Investor + Brokerage Investor +
Daily Market Outlook Y Online trading platform- High Speed Operation ( Y Intraday Brokerage (Cash Segment) % 0.03
New FY budget picks and upcoming sectors Y DIET Trading Terminal Y Delivery Brokerage (Cash Segment) % 0.3
Event Based Stock Selection (Diwali, Monsoon Stock Picks, GST picks) Y Fully responsive trading softwarte for Phone and Tablets ( Y Brokerage for Future Contracts % 0.03
Techno-Funda (positional- timeline 6-12months) Y Charts viewable on Mobile and Tablets Y Brokerage on Options  in INR 30
Corporate Earning Report Y Online IPO Y
IPO Report Y Online Mutual Funds Y
Value Added Reports Investor + NPS Account Y
Portfolio Evaluation and Restructuring Quarterly Y Online transfer of funds through multiple banks Y
Monthly Portfolio Y Online IPO Y
Interest Rate Analysis Y
Commodity Overview Report (Quarterly) Y
Comprehensive Financial Planning Report Y
Bottom-up Stock Selection Fundamental Reports Y
Mutual Fund Report Y
Debt Report Y