Trader +

The Trader + plan has been built to meet the requirements of Traders. Traders, as a group are more sensitive to the costs of trade, the technology on offer and limits that they get from their brokers. We not only meet these requirements but also go a step further and provide Traders with excellent research reports to keep them informed and up-to-speed with the world of Finance.
We offer 2 trading terminals under this plan. The .Net HTML software is fully responsive software to mobiles, tablets and laptops. This enables the trader to trade for anywhere in the world as long as he/she has internet.
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Fully responsive trading softwarte for Phone and Tablets ( Y N
Charts viewable on Mobile and Tablets Y N
Access multiple market segments Y Y
Watsapp and Messaging Tips Y Y
Online transfer of funds through multiple banks Y Y
Online IPO Y Y
Online Mutual Funds Y N
NPS Account Y Y
Online Back Office Reports – ID and password given Y Y
Budget analysis impact on portfolio Y N
New FY budget picks and upcoming sectors Y N
Daily Market Outlook Y N
Monthly stock Derivative overview Y N
Monthly Commodity Report Y N
Corporate Actions Report Y Y
IPO Report Y Y
Mutual Fund Report Y Y
Monthly Portfolio Y N
Event Based Stock Selection (Diwali, Monsoon Stock Picks) Y N
TechnoFunda (positional- timeline 6-12months) Y Y

We offer competitive brokerage, effective research personalized for our clients, and customized limits to increase your trade positions.